On behalf of NANC (Nepali Association of Northern California), I would like to Thank each one of you who became a part of this highly successful fundraiser event to benefit victims of Nepal Earthquake of Apr 25, 2015 and numerous that followed. As pledged, fund is being sent to the PM (Prime Minister) fund of the Government of Nepal.Here is few highlights of the event;

Attended by over 600+ people;
Event was honored by the presence of Nepali Ambassador to the US, His Excellency Dr. Arjun K Karki; Featured the legendary singer Nima Rumba from Nepal; LIVE Band supported by local and artists/musician/singer Bijaya Nepali Adhikari and Lar Mapuna from Colorado; Over 50+ artists presented at the role of MC/Host; Musicians ; Performers; Singers; technicians; Supported to match dollar to dollar by the WFG (World Financial Group); Supported by the local businesses as sponsors; Supported by the Organizations and their members from around the Northern California; Authentic Nepali food prepared, served by the team of Volunteers; Event was organized, promoted, run and concluded at every step by the dedicated volunteers; Financial details will be made public after payments and final audit;

Many thanks to our Ambassador to USA his Excellency Dr.
Arjun Kumar Karki who came all the way from Washington DC as our chief guest. Thank you so much to all the leaders of Nepali communities, medias and members of all Nepalese community in Northern California, social workers, WFG – World Financial Group, local businesses, volunteer artists, performers, technicians, promoters, NANC Youth Forum, NANC Women Forum, NANC ExCom and all others, for your presence at NANC fundraising efforts to rebuild Nepal. Thank you so much!

While there is no words to thank enough and name each one of you without whose help this event wouldn’t have been successful, to name few who I would like to acknowledge your help, Sangita Sharma , Bindu Sapkota , Mr. Ram Babu Acharya, and Babita Sitaula , MCs Tika Kumar Pun , Manu Pun , Ms. Nisha Shrestha, Mr.
Sandip Babu Chaudhary SBabu Cecil, Nima Rumba, Jay Malla, Samuel Gurung, Pooja Sharma  and team and other entire musical team, Sumesh Rijal  and the volunteer team at the kitchen, Mr. Aditya Piya, Razip Bhasu Piya  and team at the Bar ,Januka Nachhiring Rai and team at the food bar, Suraj Shah and Jasmine Thapa for ad design – Your work, your time and your contribution to make this event highly successful is highly appreciated!

To the team of artists, performers, musicians, technicians, hosts – Kudos for the job well done! you rocked! Thank you for the excellent show, our audiences enjoyed the show like never before.

Last but not the least, all volunteers who worked hard for days in advance, on the day of the event and stayed past midnight as cleaning crews, including entire team of NANC ExCom, Thank you so much! Your support has allowed us to be part of the bigger goal – help support victims of Nepal earthquake and Nepal Rebuild Nepal. Like me, each one of you should be proud of being part of this great cause