NANC initiated to establish Nepali Community Center in Northern California since 2010. Initial model of Community Center was separate entity leading by NANC. The 2010 model of community center revised on April 28, 2012 with giving right to establish NANC coordinating with local Nepali organizations. On 2016, NANC took further step up to establish by forming Special Committee including local Nepal Organization’s representatives, Donors, Women, Youth, Social workers and experts, the Nepali Community Center shall be established and managed by the decision of Special Committee although it establish NANC 501c. NANC Executive Committee shall not intervene on the operation of this community center; this model was accepted by the community who eagerly wanted to establish Nepali Community Center (NCC), therefore, the Nepali Community Center Committee formed on June 25, 2016 to execute the project of NCC.

The NCC Committee already convinced to purchase a property that found in El Sobrante, California. Nepali Community Center Committee urge all Nepali people to support and donate to establish a pride of Nepali in Northern California, if we be able to purchase it, it will be the greater Nepali Community Center in United States of America.


Amended Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
To establish a Nepali Community Center (NCC) In Northern California
July 26, 2016
1st amendment: August 14, 2016


Whereas the demography and environment of the Nepalese community in Northern California is witnessing a rapid change and growth, an urgency to respond such changes has been inevitable.

As the lawful and active Nepalese organizations in Northern California, we realized a need of Nepali Community Center (NCC) for the larger interest of the Nepalese American community.

Hence, we the following partner organizations jointly call upon all the Nepali American community members to unite for our project, our home NCC. We invite all to actively participate and contribute to their best to build our Community home for our families and children in Northern California in the foreseeable future.

THEREFORE, on this 26th Day of July 2016, we hereby agree as follows:

Article 1
We agree that NCC is inevitable to unite all Nepali Americans in Northern California, to promote our culture, tradition and to advance our common interest such as health, education, mutual support and relationship. NCC will be our common forum for Nepali American community members and organizations.

Article 2
All the signatories of this MOU shall be the guardians of NCC. However, to achieve our goal, we recognize Nepali Association of Northern California (NANC) as a facilitator and agree to use NANC 501C status to purchase the NCC property.

Article 3
After the escrow to buy property closed, an Honorary Board of Trustee will be formed. The Board of Trustee shall consist:
All Donors (organization or individual) who contribute at least $25,000- or more for NCC
All Guarantors of Loan to be taken by NCC
The Board of Trustee shall not intervene the NCC Management Committee but will facilitate to resolve the deadlock if such deadlock prevents the regular functioning of NCC

Article 4
We the signatories of this MOU agree to pay $2500- for the affiliation with NCC and for that we the partner organizations shall have at least one representative to NCC Committee and Management Committee later. Upon paying additional $10,000-, any partner organization shall be eligible to have one more representative to the committee.

Article 5
We agree that the NCC shall be build and managed by a special committee under NANC that is autonomous, inclusive and permanent. NCC committee shall have full authority to enact its regulation and guidelines that that does not contradict with this MOU and the 5 points agreement made between NANC and NCC. Upon closure of the escrow to buy NCC property, the NCC Committee shall automatically be converted in the ad-hoc NCC Management Committee.

Article 6
We authorize NCC committee to carry out its activities including managing and expanding the NCC committee, raising and managing funds to purchase or build the NCC. Except special circumstances as stated in NCC Regulation 2016, NANC shall not intervene NCC’s activities, but shall facilitate in its mission.

Article 7
Each partner organizations may be given a Mini office, meeting space and program hall on availability basis at subsidized cost or at no cost as decided by the NCC committee. The rights and privilege of the partner organizations mainly depends upon their financial contribution to establish the NCC.

Article 8
Each partner is obliged to commit to the full-fledged establishment and running of the Community Center. It is the duty of each partner to remain active in this mission.

Article 9
This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is the guideline for the NCC and its bylaws, rules and regulations to be formed in future.

– Drafted by NANC with attorney at Law, Mr. Yagya Nepal.Esq and President of NANC Tej Rai; advised by Dr. Amod Pokharel, Mr. Balkrishna Acharya, Mr. Surendra Malla, Mr. Kailash Thapa. Conditionally signed by 16 organization representatives on June 25, 2016 at NCC Committee Formation day of meeting.
– Drafted and recommended to approve at July 26, 2016 at by the meeting of ‘MoU review Committee’ formed by NCC Committee.
– 1st amendment approved on August 14, 2016 at 1585 University Ave. Berkeley meeting of NCC Standing Committee.


Pursuant to the Article VII.2 of NANC Bylaw, the NANC Ex-Com has approved this Regulation build and operates the Nepali Community Center (NCC) in Northern California. This Regulation shall come into force immediately.
Table of content:

  1. Name and purpose of the NCC Committee
  2. Formation and operation of NCC Committee
  3. NCC Standing Committee
  4. Election/Term of the NCC committee members
  5. Mode of Affiliation with NCC
  6. Rights and Duties of the Partner Organization
  7. Authority and responsibility of NCC committee
  8. Meetings
  9. Election and Term of the NCC committee Members
  10. Power and authority of NANC over NCC committee
  11. Interpretation and Validity of NCC Regulation
  12. Amendment
  13. Annex of Definition
  1. Name and Objectives of the NCC Committee
    1. The name of the special committee that builds and operates NCC shall be known as Nepali Community Center Committee’ or ‘NCC committee’ in abbreviation.
    2. The main Objectives of NCC committee are as follows:
      1. To purchase, build and operate a Nepali Community center along with a Hindu and the Buddhist temple in Northern California.
      2. To unite the Nepali American community in the northern California with cooperation with many other Nepali organizations legally registered and operate in the northern California
      3. To preserve and promote Nepali culture, arts, language and tradition in the United States.
      4. To provide various support and services to the Nepali American community members and organizations through the community center.
  2. Formation and Operation of NCC Committee
    1. The NCC committee shall be formed based on on the Memorandum among the Nepali Organizations located in Northern California.
    2. The number NCC committee members shall not exceed 101. There is no minimum number requirement.
    3. The number and members of the committee shall be altered as decided by the majority of the NCC committee.
    4. The committee shall be formed consisting organization and individuals as follows:
      1. Representatives of various partner Nepali organizations registered and operated under the law of California
      2. Representatives of the community activists and leaders, at least 5
      3. Top ten Donors
      4. Expert and professionals in various sectors, at least 3
      5. Representatives of women, youth, students and various
        ethnic communities, at least 4
      6. Surety or guarantors of loan to be borrowed for NCC
  3. NCC Standing Committee:
    The NCC committee may form a 7 members Standing committee to run its day to day activities. Such committee will be responsible towards the NCC committee for its activities.
  4. Election/Term of the NCC committee members:
    1. NCC committee shall be the permanent and autonomous body of NANC. However, upon completion of the project or paid of its loan, the NCC committee shall be converted into NCC management committee.
    2. The first coordinator of the NCC will be nominated based on the mutual understanding of NANC, other partner organizations and stakeholders.
    3. The Coordinator shall take vote of confidence from the majority NCC members either in writing or through voting in very two years to renew his/her tenure for another two years. If the majority votes are not secured, then a contested election for the coordinator shall take place as facilitated by NANC.
    4. The Treasurer of NANC shall work as the Treasurer of NCC. If required, the NCC may nominate its joint treasurer or hire accountant or other financial expert to carry out its financial activities efficiently.
    5. The NCC committee shall complete the project within 2 years of its formation. If the project is not completed or its loan is not paid off, the NANC in consultation of its partner organizations and other stakeholders, shall extend the term for another two years.
    6. The representative from partner organization shall be altered if such organizations hold their election and elect new members in their Board or decides to change their representative for NCC. The NCC will make such change upon receiving a written request from such organization.
  5. Mode of Affiliation with NCC:
    Any Nepalese organization can be a partner of NCC if the following conditions are met: 

    1. The organization is legally registered and operate under the law of California
    2. The organization pays $2500- as affiliation fee
    3. Every partner organization has at least one minimum representative for NCC. The additional number of representatives from the partner organization shall depend upon the amount of financial contribution it makes, number of members, location, activities for the community.
    4. Any organization who contributes at least $10,000- shall have an additional representative for NCC.
  6. Rights and duties of the Partner organization in NCC
    The partner organization can enjoy the following rights and benefits in NCC: 

    1. Right to participate and vote in the NCC meeting based on the number of their representation in the committee
    2. Right to fair use of the Community Center building and other facilities in no charge or reduced charge to be determined by the NCC Committee
    3. Right to hav their permanent representation in NCC
    4. Right to get nominated or elected for major positions including coordinator in the NCC Board
    5. Any other rights the NCC Committee will determine
  7. Authority and responsibility of NCC committee
    1. The NCC committee shall exercise the following power:
      1. To purchase or lease the building of land appropriate for NCC or to sell any of its property to grow the fund or buy any better property.
      2. To raise fund or borrow loan from any financial institutions for that purpose
      3. To design the modality and construct the community building, Hindu and Buddhist temple as appropriate
      4. To Form the Fund raising or other required committees
      5. To approach with any governmental or nongovernmental organization or individual of any origin to collect fund or receive other support
      6. To hold meetings or consult with any lawful organizations and community activists for their support
    2. Obligation of NCC committee:
      1. The NCC committee shall perform any of its activities not in contrary with this Regulation or the NANC Bylaw.
      2. The committee shall inform on regular basis to NANC and other partner organizations about any decision made or any action taken towards building of the community center.
      3. The committee shall take any and all of its action only with the decision of its majority votes.
      4. The committee shall take necessary governmental permission or consent for the purpose of constructing the building or buying any property.
  8. Meetings:
    1. NCC committee shall hold its regular meeting at least once in a month.
    2. Any meeting of the committee shall be called by the committee coordinator. In the absence of the coordinator, the senior most member by age may call such meeting as authorized by coordinator.
    3. Notice of the meeting shall be given to each member at least a week ahead of such meeting via email or any other appropriate means.
    4. The committee shall create the minute of each and every meeting in written format and get signature of all the participants
    5. Any decision of the meeting to be valid shall be approved by the majority of the voting rights of its members with appropriate quorum pursuant to NANC bylaws.
    6. Notwithstanding the foregoing in paragraph V of this section, at least two third majority votes is required to make decision on the following issues:
    7. Purchase, lease or construct the community center property
    8. Sale of any property to buy other better property or grow fund
    9. Location of the property
    10. Design and modality of the property
    11. Borrow loan from any lender or provide surety as guarantee for the payment of such loan
  9. Raising and Managing funds for Community center
    1. The NCC committee is liable to raise, hold and manage the fund for community center property.
    2. Any purchase or other expenses from the NCC fund shall only be authorized with the signature of the committee coordinator and its Treasurer.
    3. All fund collected for the community center shall be deposited in one single account known as NCC account.
    4. The NCC committee shall form various regional committees, appoint any agent or contact person as required to raise fund for the community center
  10. Power and authority of NANC over NCC committee:
    1. NANC shall be the guardian of NCC. It shall not intervene in any decision made or action taken by the NCC committee unless such decision or action is in contrary with NANC bylaws.
    2. In case of any deadlock in NCC committee such as failure to hold meeting or reach to a decision, NANC will facilitate to resolve such problem and bring the committee into action.
    3. NANC shall file required tax including the financial activities/fund of NCC to the Government.
    4. If the NCC is dissolved for any unforeseen reason or under the Law of the United States, its entire funds and properties shall be automatically transferred to the account of NANC.
    5. As a guardian, NANC will bear ultimate liability for the NCC.
  11. Amendment
    Any amendment to this regulation shall require majority votes of NCC committee unless provided otherwise.•
  12. Interpretation and Validity of NCC Regulation:
    Any provision of this Regulation shall automatically be null and void to the extent it contradicts with NANC bylaws.
    1. Partner Organization: Partner Organization means Nepali organization that is legal registered and and operated in Northern California and affiliate with NCC pursuant to Section E of this Regulation.
    2. Stakeholder: Any person who donates money or provide other support to buy or build the NCC

    Date: June 20, 2016
    Yagya Nepal
    Attorney at Law
    In coordination with:
    Dr. Amod Pokharel
    Mr. Balkrishna Acharya
    Mr. Tej Rai
    Mr. Kailash Thapa
    Mr. Surendra Malla
    Approved by: NANC Executive Committee at June 25, 2016 3pm

NCC Committee Members

1 Board of Trustee Anil Pandey El Sobrante anilmelvin@hotmail.com 510 457 8991
2 Board of Trustee Rabindra Rai Pittsburg rabindrakrr@yahoo.com 510 366 6399
3 Board of Trustee Ishwar Sitaula Richmond ishwar.sitaula@gmail.com 510 207 8560
1 Coordinator Uttam Karki Martinez uklax.nca@gmail.com 510 620 4397
2 Member Bharat Pariyar El cerrito bharatbabu111@gmail.com 510 620 4963
3 Member Binaya Pokharel (Bob) Albany binayapokharel12@yahoo.com 412 613 9573
4 Member Binod Bhatta Sunnyvale binodnitu@gmail.com 650 504 4745
5 Member Chandra Kanta Dhital Castro Valley chandradhital69@yahoo.com 415 828 6049
6 Member Dev Rai Santa Rosa ranahang@hotmail.com 707 703 7281
7 Member Dhananjaya KC Fremont nepalnuwakot@gmail.com 5107355944
8 Member Dhruba Bashyal El Cerrito talk2dhurbadada@gmail.com 510 710 2427
9 Member Durga Dahal Davis durgadahal@hotmail.com 530 750 9999
10 Member Ghana Dabadi El Cerrito dabadi39@yahoo.com 415 424 2731
11 Member Gopal Khadgi Richmond gopal_khadka@hotmail.com 510 334 2578
12 Member Govind Shahi Pinole shahigovind@gmail.com 510 207 6935
13 Member Harihar Dahal Sunnyvale hariharnp@yahoo.com 650 483 9127
14 Member Ishwar Sapkota Sunnyvale ishkota@hotmail.com 650 714 6114
15 Member Kailash Thapa Richmond kailashthapa1@gmail.com 510 207 4510
16 Member Krishna Raj Giri Castro Valley krirg@yahoo.com 510 677 9650
17 Member Kumar Dong San Francisco dongmiku@yahoo.com 415 728 1247
18 Member Laxmi Chaudhari Berkeley laxmichaudhari@gmail.com 510 387 3123
19 Member Manohara Thapa Berkeley manothapa@gmail.com 510 620 4477
20 Member Narayan Pokharel San Mateo nanc_np@hotmail.com 650 743 7257
21 Member Nuren Baral El Cerrito nurunbaral@yahoo.com 510 375 6886
22 Member Preetesh Karki El Cerrito preetesh_1@hotmail.com 510 705 2031
23 Member Punyasher Karki El Cerrito punyasher@gmail.com 510 776 7129
24 Member Purna Sherpa San Francisco purnasherpa1972@gmail.com 650 704 2005
25 Member Rabindra Rai Pittsburg rabindrakrr@yahoo.com 510 366 6399
26 Member Rajendra Joshi El Cerrito rajendracerrito@gmail.com 510 778 6972
27 Member Rajesh Thapa El Cerrito th_raju@yahoo.com 415 713 8403
28 Member Rambabu Acharya San Francisco babumissu@yahoo.com 415 794 0154
29 Member Sujit Singh El cerrito sujitsingh123@yahoo.com 510 472 1770
30 Member Surendra Malla Berkeley surendramalla@yahoo.com 510 485 4314
31 Member Yagya Nepal San Leandro nepal_yagya@hotmail.com 916 595 8638
32 Member Yam Kunwar yem.kunwar1@gmail.com 314 938 7764
33 Member Yan Rai Daly City yan.rai@gmail.com 415 260 5758
34 Member Yubaraj Karki Prince Santa Rosa yubrajprince92@hotmail.com 510 509 4340