The Nepali Association of Northern California (NANC) was officially established in 1994 by a group of Nepali immigrants living in San Francisco Bay Areas. This first Nepali community organization in the Bay Area was formed as a non-political community with a purpose to promote and preserve Nepali cultural traditions, and language among the Nepali diaspora in Northern California. Prior to the formal establishment of NANC, Nepali community in the Bay Areas gathered in small groups and celebrated most of the Nepali festivals, such as Dashain, Tihar, Teej, Buddha Purnima together and tried to create a small home oceans away from their birth land.


ESTD 1994
A California 501 (c)(3) registered non-profit organization
# Corp 2002790 IRS EIN #94-3219996
The mission of the organization shall be to preserve Nepali identity by promoting Nepali cultural and social events through the cooperation of Nepalese and American communities, to foster closer contacts among Nepalese and American individuals, families and friends in the United States and in Nepal, to provide financial and non-financial support to Nepalese in need, and to explore and build cooperative relationship for mutual benefits and advancement with other world citizens and associations.
  • “To preserve and promote Nepali identity and culture among Nepalese and friends ;
  • Nepal and to encourage cooperation among Nepalese residing in Northern California