Following is a short list of the people and the amount (although we wish we could do more) who received our assistance lately.

08/04/2015 Nisha Thapa, Pacifica California USA
(Helped deceased Shiva Thapa’s family)
07/09/2015 Shankar Thapa $200.00
08/ 30/2015 Massive Earthquake Victims of Nepal
NANC donated – $5,250.00Donation collected by 2013-14 ExCom – $6,750.00
01/21/2016 Sujana Gole, Kathmandu Nepal
(Aplastic Anemia patient, helped to transplant Bone Marrow in Nepal)
02/08/2016 Lyric writer-Suk Gurung, Pokhara Nepal
(Kidney Failure and Eye sightedness patient)
02/22/2016 Earthquake Victims of Nepal

Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund of Nepal Government

Via Embassy of Nepal, Washington DC
NANC would like thanking to all donors of WFG associates, Napa Temple,

Trulia Inc, Nepal Saanjh participants and supporters; without your support

We would not been able to collect such amount.

02/27/2016 Mr. Kalika Prasad Bhandari, Nepal
(Disable World Tour Cyclist)
NANC – $101.00Following donors – $283.00
02/29/2016 Mr. Rajan Pradhan, Kalimati Kathmandu, Nepal
(Patient of Bone Marrow Transplant)
NANC $101.00
Ravi Thapa Magar $100.00
Tej Rai $20.00
Kailash Thapa $20.00
Following donors $283.00
Total $524.00
Donors of the 02/27/2016:
Kabindra Sunuwar, Albany CA $10.00
Yubaraj Karki, El Cerrito CA $10.00
Yubaraj Karki, El Cerrito CA $10.00
Chandra Sherchan, Daly City CA $10.00
Prem Lama, San Francisco CA $20.00
Dev Keirat, Santa Rosa CA $10.00
Kumar Dong, San Francisco CA $21.00
Padam Tamang, San Francisco CA $21.00
Murari, Richmond CA $10.00
Upendra Adhikari, El Cerrito CA $20.00
Raj Kumar Tamu, Daly City CA $20.00
Chinkaji Shrestha, Richmond CA $20.00
Dharmendra Parajuli, San Pablo CA $10.00
Ganga & Gujeswori KC, Sunnyvale CA $10.00
Sharmila Khadka, San Francisco CA $10.00
Lakpa Sherpa, San Francisco CA $5.00
Sher Lama, San Francisco CA $21.00
Aruna Baniya, San Francisco CA $10.00
Ishwar K. Sitaula, Suisan City CA $20.00
Bikram Thapa, San Francisco CA $20.00
Yagya Nepal, Oakland CA $20.00
Parbati Lama, Daly City CA $21.00
Manju Tripathi, San Francisco CA $21.00
Sangita Sharma Gurung, San Francisco CA $21.00
Geeta Dangol, San Francisco CA $51.00
Harihar Dahal, Sunnyvale CA $51.00
Balram pandey, Sunnyvale CA $51.00
Yan Rai, Daly City CA $11.00