About Community Center

About Community Center

NANC initiated to establish Nepali Community Center in Northern California since 2010. Initial model of Community Center was separate entity leading by NANC. The 2010 model of community center revised on April 28, 2012 with giving right to establish NANC coordinating with local Nepali organizations. On 2016, NANC took further step up to establish by forming Special Committee including local Nepal Organization’s representatives, Donors, Women, Youth, Social workers and experts, the Nepali Community Center shall be established and managed by the decision of Special Committee although it establish NANC 501c. NANC Executive Committee shall not intervene on the operation of this community center; this model was accepted by the community who eagerly wanted to establish Nepali Community Center (NCC), therefore, the Nepali Community Center Committee formed on June 25, 2016 to execute the project of NCC.

The NCC Committee already convinced to purchase a property that found in El Sobrante, California. Nepali Community Center Committee urge all Nepali people to support and donate to establish a pride of Nepali in Northern California, if we be able to purchase it, it will be the greater Nepali Community Center in United States of America.

Nepali Association of Northern California proudly proposes
Inter-organizational Common Good Fund for Nepalese Community Center (NCC)
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
San Francisco, California
SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

As the demography and environment of the Nepalese community is witnessing a rapid change, an urgency to respond such changes has been inevitable. As a pioneer and the foremost Nepali Organization in Northern California, NANC is obliged to undertake this noble mission for larger interest of the Nepalese community. Hence, Nepali Association of Northern California (NANC) calls upon all the active organizations and contributing individuals to unite for our common good. We invite all to participate in completing a comprehensive plan to build a Nepali Community Center in the San Francisco Bay Area in the foreseeable future.
The term Nepalese Community Center shall henceforth be referred to as “the Community Center” and the term Inter-organizational Common Good Fund shall henceforth be referred to as “this Fund”.

The advantages of the Community Center

  1. It will be a symbol of Nepalese pride and unity
  2. We can host a wide variety of services to the Nepali communities, such as
  •  Nepali library,
  • Information center
  • Meetings and conferences,
  •  Art exhibitions,
  •   Cultural programs,
  •  Job training programs,
  •  Counseling,
  •  Seminars and workshops on current issues,
  •  Other possible services like Internet services, gymnasium, matrimonial services, religious services, children’s daycare, educational and healthcare  camp for Nepalese youths, adults and seniors, a central place for communal gathering and much more…

We propose the following memorandum of mutual understanding (MOU) to establish this Fund, construct the Community Center and run it appropriately:

Article 1
The organizations who shall sign this MOU by October 14, 2010 are the Founding Members of the Nepali Community Center. The founders will automatically be ex-officio Board of Directors. The organizations that join after October 14, 2010 shall also be in the Board of Directors.

Article 2
Nepali Community Center is a separate entity which welcomes any and all private or public organizations.

Article 3
Nepali Association of Northern California (NANC) will chair the Board of Directors. It is an ex-officio Position and only the current President of NANC will chair the Board.

Article 4
All individuals who want to contribute are welcome and they shall be the general members of the Board of Trustees. These members shall be given honor and special places during the functions of this Fund.

Article 5
Board of Directors may create a Board of Advisors who has made significant contributions to the community.

Article 6
The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of this Trust, shall be elected Secretary General, who shall work in close coordination with the Chair and the Treasurer.

Article 7
The Secretary General, the Treasurer and all other officials shall be elected as well.

Article 8
This is entirely a nonprofit community Trust. No individual may claim the profit of this Trust or the Community Center thereof.

Article 9
NANC will play a lead role on all paperwork and legal aspects with close coordination with partner organizations.

Article 10
Each member organization is obliged to remit 10% of its funds raised by fundraisers or other types of events to this Trust. Each partner shall responsible to collaborate in all such events.

Article 11
NANC and each partner organization may write separate grant proposals for different aspects of the community Center.

Article 12
Founders and other partner organizations may be given a Mini office, meeting space and program hall on availability basis at subsidized rates.

Article 13
Each partner is obliged to commit to the full fledged establishment and running of the Community Center. It is the moral duty of each partner to remain active in this mission. Unlike the profit making institution, it will not be able to return the contribution made by the member who decides to detach from the trust.

Article 14
The funding sources will basically be contributions of individuals, contributions of organizations, joint Fund Raiser Activities, donations grants and other legal sources.

Article 15
This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is the guideline for this Trust and all the bylaws, rules and regulations will in accordance with this MOU otherwise such rules and regulations will automatically is void.

Partner Organizations Represented by Signature
NC TAMU SAMAJ Mr. Bhupendra Gurung (President) Signed
NAGC Mr. Mani Nepali (President) Signed
HIMALYAN FOUNDATION CORP Mr. Yagya Lal Shrestha (President) Signed
NANC Mr. Yan Rai (President) Signed
MOTHERLAND NEPAL Mr. Anil Pandey (President) Mr. Narayan Basnet (VP) Signed
BAY AREA GROUP/SAMAJ Mr. Hari Karki Rep Signed
Lions Club of Berkeley Annapurna Mr. Chandra Dhital (President) Mr. Ram Raj Pokherel (Secretary) Signed
Second Joint Meeting 10/9/10
The White Zone Mr. Sushil Sharma Mr. Asok Gautam Advisor Signed
Second Joint Meeting
Kirant Yakthung Chumlung Mr. Roshan Subba (President) Signed
October 14, 2010
Tamang Co-Op Society Northern California Mr. Rattu Lama (President) Mr. Kumar Dong (VP) Not Sign
Provision until October 14, 2010
California Sherpa Association Mr. Gombu Sherpa (Secretary) Not Sign
Nepali Jana Samparka Samiti Mr. Gyandeep Lama (President) Not Sign
The Creative Club, El Cerrito California Mr. Nuren Baral (President) Mr. Kailasha Thapa (Advisor) Signed