1st position during ANC LA 2016 Volleyball Tournament

Date: 5 July 2016 | By: nanac-user | with 0 comments

We, NANC Volleyball team were in 1st position during ANC LA 2016 Volleyball Tournament! It was a great game being a champion undefeatedly. For this, I would like to thank Mr Hukum Raj Giri for his great guidance as well as play, Kailash Bhatt, Roman Shrestha, Rajendra Sherchan, Dharma KC and Babu Acharya for their skillfull game. We are very proud to have you all in NANC Volleyball team. And many many thanks to SVP Ishwar Sitaula, General Secretary Kailash Thapa, Secretary Roshan Adhikari, Sumesh Rijal, Shree Ram Subedi, Subash, Devendra Malla and other friends for their cheering and support. We really appreciate President Tej Rai and all the NANC Excom members’ support for us. And thank you so much Ganga Basnet jee and all the LA Volleyball Players for your hospitality.




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